By | June 14, 2019

1) Malaysia, capital kuala lumpur
2) Penang state, capital George town famous for stree foods
3) Baba nyonya kind of living peoples. They have the food habbit of mix variety of China, Malai and other south east asia country people’s
4) Asam laksha famous food(Spicy and sour with the mix of noodles) .
5) Durian is a famous fruit.
6) Petronas Twin Towers is placed in kula lumpur. Petronas was build one tower, it is gas company, another one tower using by malaysian companies.
7) Brunei island situated, Malaysia’s east and near by indonesia. sabah and sarawak are the states under by malaysia governance.
8) Roundabout situated in putrajaya, It is world’s largest roundabout with a diameter of 3.5 km.
9) Rafflesia is a famous and big flower in malaysia, with bad smell.
10) World’s biggest cave is located in gunung mulu national park, sarawak
11) Tongkat ali, is a small tree. It is called malai vayagara. People have the hope of it helps for sexuality. So that they adding in the tea and other energy drinks.
12) Alocasia macrorrhiza leaf is one of longest leaf in the world it available in sabah.